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Basement Remodeling

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What is included in the basic basement remodeling package and how much does it cost?

Basic remodel would be exterior wall framing, insulation, new drywall, 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of ceiling painting and 2 coats of finish paint for up to 300 square feet.  Additional square footage can be completed for additional $75.00 (includes labor and material, framing, insulation, drywall)

How long does it take to remodel the typical basement?

For 300 square feet, framing through finish painting, 3-4 weeks.

What should I keep in mind when remodeling a basement?

If basement is not currently finished, may want to consider future use of the space to properly design and build towards that.  If the basement is finished to some degree, we may encounter latent defects which may be additional labor and material to correct.

What’s the design process like?

On the first meeting we would meet at the space for measurements and discuss the use of the space. We would provide preliminary ideas and review both Cartage Home Remodelingprovided sketches and proposal.  CHR does not release a design unless contracted or by purchasing the design for a flat fee.